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Dust Cover

I am laid low in the dust; preserve my life according to your word. Psalm 119:25

I battle it. You probably do as well. Dust. That fine film of gunk that covers your furniture and knick-knacks. Daily it accumulates. At first you may not notice it but as it builds, eventually you see it — especially when the sun shines on it.  I found a God-message in this household chore. Do you see it as well?

We live in a dusty world. Nothing remains clean for long. It flitters down on everything, coating it in filth. You can use every product in the world– dusters, polishes, sprays, rags. They wipe away the dust, but they do not eliminate it. It keeps coming back.

The only way to keep something from getting dusty is to cover it. If you lift your knick knack off a bookshelf, you will see what I mean. There will be very little dust where it sat. The wood underneath remained fairly clean. Did the dust only settle on the area where the wood shelf was exposed? No, it settled on the knick knack, too.

Where the Holy Spirit covers and protects us, we are kept clean. But in those areas of our lives we have not let Him cover us, then the dust of the world fitlers over us. We can try to keep wiping it off but it will come back, coating our souls in worldliness. The only way to eliminate it is to regularly cloak it with grace and mercy, found in prayer time and in reading the Word.

I must daily confess the areas of my life I have yet to ask God to cover. I can keep trying to handle it on my own, and appear clean on the outside, but I know I am fighting a losing battle. It is only when I give those areas over and ask for protection that I can keep the dust of this world from finely coating me. And, God being the loving Father, will shine His light on those areas, revealing the filth so I can see it better. It may be a negative attitude, a judgemental heart, an unresolved anger, a misconceived thought, a worldly view.

As long as I am in this world, there will be dust. I am surrounded by it. But I can also be covered by the Lord, shielded from it’s effects. Christ died to cover my sins. But I know that is not a one-time thing because I continually exist on this planet. Each day, when I turn to Him, He keeps me clean. He takes on the dustiness for me. He wipes it away and keeps it from settling on me.

When an impure spirit comes out of a person, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it. Then it says, ‘I will return to the house I left.’  When it arrives, it finds the house swept clean and put in order. Luke 11:24-25


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My niece often exclaims , “My Aunt Julie’s house is always clean.”  Well, it looks that way, but…

Living alone (whereas she has three kids,a husband, a dog and two guinea pigs) I guess it is easier for me to keep things picked up and presentable–you know, just in case the Queen of England drops by for tea.

Seriously, I have always liked things in order and everything in it’s place– in my home and my life. But life on earth is not orderly. It gets messy sometimes and things accumulate in the corners where we often do not look, just as dust settles in the nooks and crannies of our house.  I decided that the one Saturday in a month I was not IMAG0357dashing to a conference or to do a workshop, I’d dust. Yuk. That cloth  on the wand found all sorts of fuzz and dirt.  Achoo.

Our lives can get that way, can’t they? Dirt, no matter how clean we try to lead our lives, can stick. This place called earth is a dirty place and we live in it. After all, Scripture says we are dust and to dust we will return.  But there are times it seems dust returns to us, and stays!

Every once in a while we need to stop and take time out to give our spirits a thorough cleaning. We need to allow the Holy Spirit to be the cloth wand to help us reach into the tiny crevices of our souls will little lies, negative thoughts, jealousies and grumblings have hidden.  It is called confession- the spiritual duster.

Have you dusted around in your soul lately? To the world you and I may look like the perfect, all in order, clean Christian. But deep down, if we stop and take a look, we know there are little specks of dirt cluttering our place that Jesus says He has come to dwell. He is standing at the door and knocking. Better get busy!


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AAAchoo. Packing to move sure stirs up the dust. hidden dust

I consider myself a good housekeeper. I dust regularly. But, when I began to empty out shelves and pack away books and knickknacks, the dusty back corners loomed at me. Tiny scraps of paper, dust bunnies, cat hair.

My nose twitched. My eyes watered. As I grabbed the dusting cloth and furniture polish, I pondered. “Sniff. Now where did I pack the facial tissue?”

How could I have not seen all that dust lurking? Because the things of my life – books, heirloom figurines, family photos, mementos –  were hiding it. I regularly dusted around them, maybe even lifted them and dusted underneath. But the pesky specks settled in the far back depths, unseen until I emptied the shelf. I thought to myself. Hmm. Perhaps I should take more time on a regular basis, say every few months or so, to empty the shelves and dust more thoroughly. If I could find the time…

A faith lesson tickled my mind –

Sometimes, God moves us in order to shake up the dust a bit. He takes us from our comfort zones where life has settled around us, and in the process of rearranging and weeding out the things we have gathered to us, our patient Lord reveals the accumulation of specks we have neglected.

Perhaps a negative attitude towards someone.

Maybe a lie we regret telling.

The time we acted less that Christian,yet left unconfessed.

LIttle things we have tucked away in the back of our lives and not tended to very well. But no one sees that, do they? Over time, we may not notice it either. We have cluttered up our life-shelf with other things. The more current things get our attention. Those we confess, and clean away. Yet, these other things in our past continue to accumulate in the depths of our souls.

Today, I found a message from God in some dust bunnies at the back of my shelves: Cleaning up my act may mean rearranging things in my life so God can point out to me the areas I have neglected – the ones out of sight.

Perhaps I need to carve out more time with Him on a regular basis so He can help me reveal my past mistakes. That way, they don’t build up. Maybe, I can do that while I am dusting my shelves more thoroughly in the new place. With each swipe of the dusting cloth, my Lord will show me where I need Him to wipe away my sinsfrom the corners of my heart.

Lord, help me find the time to do both, and, no matter how arduous, rejoice in it.

Where will you find God today?



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