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This verse of the day illuminated my cell phone screen:

O Lord my God, I cried to you for your help and you have healed me.  Psalm 30:2

Picture1It also illuminated my heart.  David cries out for God to help him.

How often have I done that? I have fallen, like a child off my bike.

I recall my mother hearing my sobs, rushing to me and helping me hobble into the house, my knee bloody and embedded with asphalt pebbles. She not only helped me up, but knew I needed more. She cleaned up the wound, yes -ouch that stung and I cried a bit more – bandaged it, and hugged me until the initial pain subsided. Then, off I was, with a slam of the screen door. Back to playing with my friends with a story to tell.

So it is with God. I stumble, and like David, cry out for help. But He does so much more. He not only helps me back onto my feet, but holds me as I cry. He washes my wounds with His mercy and bandages them with His grace. Soon, I am back on track and the healing has begun. It may take weeks, maybe months, but slowly that hurt will dissipate. The redness will fade.  One day I will look and barely see it anymore.

But, oh what a story to tell! Just as David did in his psalm.

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