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In a devotional get in my email box, was this from Rick Warren:

Remember this:

•    God’s goodness will provide and protect.
•    God’s mercy (unfailing love) will pardon and forgive.
•    God’s goodness will supply.
•    God’s mercy will soothe.
•    God’s goodness will help.
•    God’s mercy and love will heal.

You can count on it!

When I read it, an image of a small child learning to count on their fingers and toes came to mind.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

When asked how old you  are, the tike holds up the number of fingers. The child starts with it’s dominant hand and counts up to five.

If asked how many eggs are in the carton, then calculating the answer becomes a bit more complex. The wee one starts with the dominate hand, discovers that is not enough, and proceeds to start counting the fingers other hand and continues to ten. If more is required, the small toes begin to wiggle. 

As children of God, perhaps we should do the same in our prayer time.  Let’s start off on our dominant hand and recite the first five on Rick’s list,  then add a thumb on the other hand. Whoa- plenty of digits left!

Psalm 23 tells us that His goodness and merciful love will follow us all our lives. Use the rest of your digits for your specific “remembrances” of God’s attributes that He has lovingly showed to you. Fill in the blanks. God’s goodness will________________. God’s mercy will______________________.

Bet pretty soon you will start wiggling those toes! I imagine your mood will lift and your mouth will curve into a soft smile.  Count on it. Mine did.

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