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© Robert F. Balazik | Dreamstime.com

© Robert F. Balazik | Dreamstime.com

No – God didn’t take over my keyboard. But a message did appear throughout the day at the bottom right of my screen. It was a warning that would fade in and out and block what I was trying to type, or research, or read.

I went to have a larger, faster and better hard drive installed. Cheaper than a new desktop unit. The tech left in the old hard drive so I could back up my voluminous files onto it. Yes, I have an offsite backup service, but I grew up in the age when computers  filled rooms and often lost data. I know what it is like to spend days reentering data. I am sort of phobic about that.

Trouble is, he didn’t have the cable to connect the two, but told me it would be okay and the part would be in stock within a week.  That is why I have been getting this ghost message that I don’t have enough memory.

So how does that translate into a God moment? God can give us a new ministry, or a task. It is new, exciting and we feel purposeful. Hurray, God is using me.

But if, in our excitement, we forget to connect with Jesus often, He will send us error messages that float into the corners of our souls- “Connect with me- you are running low”.  We need that Holy Spirit cable to boost us through the day and through our task we are doing to His glory. We need that daily, if not hourly, surge of power. And, through His Word in our minds and on our hearts, we need to have our faith stored up sp we can plug into Him during the day.

What message is He sending you today?

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