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Advent is herethe season where we prepare for Jesus’ coming. In fact, adventus means just that- come.   

 ID-10057677As a babe, God in human form. One analogy is the watchmaker became a watch.  HE came to show us a better way. HE came to guide us into Truth. And HE was born who HE could die- for each of us.



As the eternal jujudgedge at the end of the ages when HE returns for his own. Often referred to as the Second Coming, this is when HE will separate the sheep from the goats, the wheat from the shaft, the faithful from those who have yet to believe. But HE is also our advocate, who offers up our defense before the throne of Heaven. Since we know not when this age will pass away or when Our Savior will return, we must be prepared. Advent reminds us to both be the voice crying in the wilderness for others to repent, and also to prepare our own hearts and souls.



Woman MeditatingThirdly, His Spirit comes into our hearts, dwells in us and through us. Advent is the beginning of the Christian Year, and it is our time to make resolutions. Are we diligently praying? Do we carve out time for reading HIS word and reflecting upon it? Are we disciplining ourselves with good habits and sloughing off the old ones that lead to sin?  When others look at us and to us. does Christ shine through?



 ADVENT is more than preparing for Christmas – it is preparing for eternity.  This is something we should do each and every day – Advent is a reminder to look for God’s  shoulder-tapping in your life, and to ask Him to come into your heart, your day and your life.

                       MARANATHA – Come Lord Jesus 








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