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A dear friend, who is a fabulous prayer warrior  and prayer composer, emailed several of us to remember to pray for our clergy.  How often do we stop to do that?

Whether you call them Reverend, Pastor, Father or Brother, they carry a cross far more than many of us could bear. Because they are about the Lord’s work they face demons on a daily basis. We, as their congregation, put so many demands on them, and they give so much in return. They are at the job 24/7. Even on vacation, they are on duty for God. They need to be lifted in prayer – often!

Here is her beautifully written prayer. Thanks, Pam!

Dear Lord, We offer you thanks for our church leadership.  You have sent ___________ to guide us in worship, learning and service. We praise you for their ministry.  Be with them as they seek your will  and lead each of us in the path of righteousness.  Strengthen our clergy ,when they meet adversity, with even greater resolve to follow you.  These things we ask in the name of Jesus. Amen


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