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Today was our church’s annual Kick Ball Sunday. After church services,  young and old gathered on two teams – The Apostles and the Disciples – for some fun. It was not your average game. The ages ranged from 5 to 75.kickball_clipart_169213952_std

Both teams rooted each other on and applauded plays that were well done. They also consoled players who were struck out or missed a catch.

Adults slooowwwed down as little legs puttered as fast as they could to get to the base in time,  and then shook their hands or gave them a pat on the back for the effort.

Teens were more than understanding and kind to the senior players.

I’m not sure who won- wait! Yes,  I am. Everyone did.

The object was fellowship and sportsmanship, not who could beat who. It was all laughter and fun  with mild horsing around.  Sure, there was some competition and, for the most part, the rules of the game were not bent too out of shape. But all in all, everyone came away with heads held high.

Should that not be an example for the church in general? When it comes to our talents, we all are on the winning team. Each should be applauded for their efforts and consoled when they slip a bit or miss the ball. We are there to fellowship and bolster each other, and have a bit of laughs and fun as well. Yes, we should strive for excellence. But, there is enough hey-look at-me, whose-the-king- of-the-mountain competition out in the world. Let’s not bring it through the church doors. We are all precious in His sight.

It’s not that I’ve already reached the goal or have already completed the course. But I run to win that which Jesus Christ has already won for me. Philippians 3:12 God’s Word

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