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When I first came to the Lord, I used to walk around a man-made lake; it was a small preserve for wildlife. That heron followed me around the lake and made His presence know to me.

Since moving, I have seen a great blue heron in fields or parks and smile, knowing He still follows me, making His presence know, telling me there is nowhere I can hide from Him.

It is comforting to know that He is with me always, guiding my path, whispering from behind, watching from above, silently standing guard, ever watchful, always loving, filling my soul as no one else can.

Susan Fox

A cardinal. My mom use to watch them when she was dying of cancer, a week after her death my blinds flew up by themselves for no reason and perched in the tree was a cardinal as if saying I am with you what comfort the Lord of light sends us signs I just think we are sometimes to wrapped up to see. Roseann

This reminds me of a time in early summer when I was standing outside church Sunday morning. I am a greeter there with a few other ladies. Well, it was during a time when I was dealing with something..going down a path that was a stronghold for me. And a beautiful little butterfly came and landed on my shoulder. I remember thinking that it was like God put his hand on my shoulder to let me know He was there. I’ll never forget it.


Julie, I grew up in Florida ~ roadrunners there are not the feathered kind. But my mom and dad loved the idea of that bird though they had never seen one except in a cartoon.

Mom visited me while my son was in college at Angelo State. We spent a few days in the hill country of Texas where she saw her first roadrunner. She was in the early stages of dementia but knew what that strange bird was and squealed with delight.

We live in a country area where roadrunners are frequent guests. Seems as though when my heart is “world-worn” God will allow a roadrunner to zip across the road in front of me. Last summer one strolled up my driveway, then down the front walk, allowing me time to visually dissect it’s feathers, eyes, and behavior. I always feel that brief moment is God’s blessing for me and like the roadrunner He will care for me also. Thanks again for the reminder this morning.

DiAne Gates
Christian author dinaegates.wordpress.com

Mine is a red cardinal that shows up “always” when I need a gentle reminder that God is near. I pray that my “friendly visitor” shows up today for I am in great need of a reminder that God is with me.

Leave a comment- where did you find Him today?

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