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blog bannerThanks to fellow author, Victoria Pitts Caine for nominating me into the Sisterhood of World Bloggers.  If you haven’t read her books, they are on my list on the lab- Find God through Great Fiction. Alvarado Gold, Cairo and the Tempering Agent– all wonderful suspense romances set in Egypt and other places.

The Rules:
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
2. Put the award logo on your blog.
3. Answer the 10 questions they’ve sent you.
4. Ask 10 questions for your nominees to answer

My nominees are fellow Christian authors and bloggers:  DiAne Gates, Brooke Williams ,Keisha Bass, Lena Nelson Dooley, Linda Bill McCutcheon, Linda Austin, Susan Baganz, Lynn Hobbs, Lisa J Lickel, Shelly Staus Sorem. What will be your answers to the following questions?

So, here are the ten questions and my answers:

  1. What’s your happiest holiday memory? My happiest memory is waking up Christmas morning to search for the baby Jesus, and then lay him in the manger of our Creche set. Now as an adult, the meaning of that takes my breath away. We really have to search for Jesus at Christmas time nowadays, don;t we?
  1. Who was your favorite grade school teacher?  I honestly do not remember most of my teachers or their names, just one horrid one in 5th grade whose mental cruelty swirled me into a deep depression. But my mentor was my priest, who later became my bishop. A retired Naval chaplain, he ran a “tight ship” but also loved his congregation, particularly us kids, and encouraged us to be all god meant us to become.
  1. If life had taken you down a different path, what would you be doing now? I honestly do not know.  I was headed for ordination, but God slammed that door shut ages ago. But God works His purpose out – now I lead women’s workshops and am a Christian devotional writer and author. So, with His gudiance. I’d probably be right where I am.
  1. What place in the world would you like to visit? I have been to Israel and southern England, and would love to return to them both. Perhaps Scotland and Ireland.
  1. What’s your favorite dessert? Angel food cake square sandwiched with chocolate icing.
  1. If you were told you only had one day to live, how would you spend it? Calling and emailing everyone I know to tell them I love them but God loves them more, so please offer themselves daily to Him and receive His gift of mercy and grace each day because  I want to be with them in paradise.
  2. Which do you like to do best: a movie rental and a bowl of popcorn, a good book and a cup of hot chocolate, or a day at the beach ending with watching the sunset? Either one or two. I love a good, clean story with strong action, character and ending. Some nights I want to curl up with a book, others with a British mystery on Netflix.
  1. What’s your favorite electronic gadget? My e tablet I got free with my cell phone. How did I ever live without it??
  1. How will you (or how did you) spend New Year’s Eve? See question 7. I curled up with a great novel and hot cocoa, and then vegged out on an episode of Midsomer Murders I had not seen. Alas, I had no popcorn, though. I celebrate New Years on the first Sunday in Advent, and I don’t drink alcohol by choice, so ringing in Jan 1 is lackluster, other than having the day off from work. I stay home and off the roads. I have on occasion indulged in black-eyed peas- a Southern tradition – and enjoyed a quiet day in my pjs.
  1. Pets – cats, dogs, fish? What do you have? Cats. My two beastie boys are my heart thumps. I have always had cats and love them. Few things are more calming that stroking a softly purring cat on your lap as it nuzzles into your arm.
  2. BONUS:Tells us about your current work in progress or new release. Mine is Legitimate Lies, a contemporary suspense romance set in southern England. It launches in 14 days!!!    http://amzn.to/1xhdwAT
  3. Legit Lies

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