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When she saw the indescribable, she slapped her hands to her face as her eyes widened. “Words fail me.”

As a writer, words are my life. But sometimes they just don’t come. I struggle to find the precise one to describe what I want to say.

Words fail in other ways. In times of tragedy and deep grief they fail to comfort. To a close-eared and defiant person they fail to correct. When opposite of the actions exhibited, they fail to convince.

But that is not true of one word – the Word. When foretelling that she would give birth to Jesus, the angel told the young virgin Mary. “For no word from God will ever fail.” (Luke 1:37).   Other translations say that nothing is impossible for God.

God spoke everything into existence in Genesis chapter one, and He continues to speak into our existence today. God’s Word can be trusted to be true. He cannot fail, it is not in His nature.

Down through the centuries, the Scriptures have remained true, and faithful, for each generation. What was written thousands of years ago are as fresh as new ink  dripping from a quill.  People have marked them, highlighted them, memorized them, pondered over them, but most of all relied upon them.

Mary did as well. Her response to the angel that day, according to the King James Version, was “Be it unto me according to thy word.” (vs.38)   Other translations translate it as,  “May your word be fulfilled in me.”

And God took Mary at her word.  John, in writing his gospel, tells us Jesus was “the word made flesh.” (1:14)

Today, the unfailing Word can take on flesh when it lives in us. If we, like Mary, allow it to happen, our lives will change forever.  It is not an easy road living for Christ and having Him live in us according to His Word, but it is a fulfilling one.  At times we may feel as if we are failing at our job, but we aren’t. He can use our blunders as well as our successes to His glory and gives us second, third, and even seventy times seven chances when we humbly repent.

Words may continue to fail us at various times in our lives, but the Word of God never will. May it be fulfilled in you.


The internet is a vast mission field. At Campus Crusades of Canada’s  Power to Change, I edit and write for two websites that draw people closer to God:  Issues I Face  and The Life.   Our free articles and devotionals glean a readership of 500,000 plus a month. Some are believers, others don’t know what to believe. All are seeking. We help them know Jesus, one mouse click at a time.
But as with any missionary organization, we are funded solely through the donations of ministry partners. And at this moment, an anonymous beneficiary will match any and all donations up to one hundred thousand dollars. 
Find out more about my work as a writer and editor at  http://www.juliebcosgrove.com/missionary_support.html 

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IMAG0266An older woman I know excitedly told how she got a part-time job stuffing envelopes. Her eyes danced as if she was a teenager once again. Her nephew questioned what the big deal was. It didn’t sound very exciting to him.

She smiled. “Oh, it’s not the envelopes. It is what goes inside. A very important letter that will help thousands of people. I am so glad to be a part of that effort.”

Her words hit me. It’s what goes inside. The image describes the purpose of being a Christian. We are the vehicle for delivering God’s message of redemption and love to the world. In other words, we are the envelopes.

It is what is going on inside of us, i.e., the transformation by the Holy Spirit when we accept Jesus into our hearts, that is the important stuff. As others peer inside the window to our soul, they can see a difference. Something important is happening. The Light of Christ is flickering, glowing, then shining. The message revealed is one of forgiveness and salvation, of something more wonderful waiting for us beyond the pain of this world.

 Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ. Romans 10:17

Lord, the times when I think I am not much on the outside, remind me it is what’s inside that is important – You working in me. You have placed your stamp of delivery on me, and I am simply to carry the message. Let me be more thankful, like my elderly friend, to be a part of that effort. Amen.

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This was emailed to me –

it is a commercial entitled Stethoscope.

You won’t guess what they are promoting until the end – for a hint, well, see the title of this blog. Sorry if I gave it away.

Anyway . . .Just click on this link and enjoy –



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