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My youth minister gave an amazing sermon on the Lord’s Prayer.

Sure, you have probably heard tons of them as you’ve sat in the pews over your life. But this had a different spin on it.

He said the Lord’s Prayer was a very bold concept. Before Jesus, people prayed through the HIgh Priest who, because he was from the appointed tribe of Levi, was qualified to speak with God in the Holy of Holies.

Here, Jesus tells his followers they can demand things of God – directly.  Can you hear them mumbling, “What servant has the right to make demands of his master, or a child his parent?”

What do we demand in the Lord’s Prayer?

1. For God to make His kingdom come to pass on earth.

2. For our daily needs to be met.

3. To be forgiven for our sins.

4. To be protected from temptation.

We demand this from the omnipotent God we know is the kingdom, the power and the glory forever.


It gave me the image of a child busting into the boardroom and demanding his CEO dad’s dollar for the soda machine.  Or a judge’s child clanking down the aisles of the crowded courtroom in the middle of a lengthy case with a hurt finger wanting dad to kiss it.  Or a president’s child interrupting the State of the Union address for a hug.

Pretty bold-

and pretty loving and caring of God to let us wee ones crawl towards His throne and onto His lap.

But, he does, each and every time. “Stop the universe. My child, that I love, needs me.”

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