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Black Friday. I drove my friend and my son to their perspective retail jobs so neither of them would have to hunt for a parking space and walk miles from the car to the stores where they worked.  The mass of single-minded humanity astounded me. You’d never know the economy was in a slump! It reminded me of chumming shark. Drop a piece of raw meat in the ocean and watch them scrap for it.

People with “me-first” attitudes were everywhere. They walked out in front of you yakking on cell phones, dragging kids or balancing arms laden with shopping bags. I saw several “almost wrecks” within the few blocks it took me to travel at a snail’s pace.  I rolled down the windows to let the pleasant fall breeze into the car. As I waited in stalled traffic, I prayed for my friend and my son and the harried customers they would have to handle.  I shot up a prayer for me and everyone else to get to their destinations safely and for people to in some way, even if for a split second, remember the reason for the season.

Then, in the midst of all of it I heard the familiar tinkle of the bell and  turned to see a black kettle. An African American woman, all smiles and face glowing, thanked the customers who dropped in bills and change. To everyone who passed, she nodded and said, “God Bless You.”

I take it back. Maybe I did find God yesterday after all.

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