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“Are you asking God to serve you, are you asking to serve God? If you pray for something that is in your control and you can do, then you are asking God to serve you.”  – Phil Jones, Christian song writer


In his testimony last night at a concert, this wise musician stated that when he was in his twenties, he was unsure if God existed. A friend challenged, “Then ask Him to manifest Himself in your life so you can know.”

Phil took that challenge.  He asked God to show Himself in a way that was out of Phil’s control – that was for Phil’s three-month old son to smile at Phil’s grandfather who was near death from emphysema.  The first day they visited the hospital, nothing happened. Phil chastised a god he still was not sure existed. “I was ready to believe in Him.”

Phil testifies that God clearly spoke to his heart. “You have one more day in town. Go back.”

The next day, when they entered the hospital room, his tiny infant son smiled – nonstop,for 45 minutes! Phil could only give God the glory. He gave his life to Christ and chose to serve Him from then on.  He has been serving and singing of God’s love and power to congregations for decades now. “God has been faithful. It is one thing to ask Him to make your baby smile, it is another to trust Him to provide your livelihood for His sake.”

By the way, his grandfather lived for 17 more years until the ripe old age of 93, and saw Phil’s son grow into a fine young man.


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