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I found God today in a post of Truth Media’s Christian Women Today. I have been writing for them for years, but so do some very God-given talented women, and men. Today Kristi hit the nail on the head and it pierced my heart.  She stated that when we worry, it is stating our problems are too small for God. Wow. That put’s it into perspective, does it not?

You can read her whole devo by clicking here http://powertochange.com/blogposts/2012/10/22/worry-the-final-frontier/

One verse I always come back to, and have throughout my life, is Matthew 6:25 – Be ye not anxious about your life, what ye shall eat, or drink or about your body what ye put on.  We hear that worry will not add another day to our lives. In fact medical science shows it takes them away.

Worry stagnates us in a pool of inaction. We cannot move forward. It is similar to cud that a cow chews – over and over and over. It keep returning. The more we mouth it the bigger it seems to grow until it begins to gag us.  It can consume our moment, our day and our lives if we let it.

The opposite of worry is faith-filled peace. That is when we grasp a smidgen of an idea of how majestic our God really is. He is bigger than our problems. He is mightier than whatever evil is present. He is more aware of the present and future that we can ever be. It is as if He has the view from Mount Everest and us from an anthill.

Yet we all worry, don’t we? Perhaps that is why there are so many Biblical references to not worrying. What is your favorite “don’t worry ” verse?

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