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And it will be said: “Build up, build up, prepare the road! Remove the obstacles out of the way of my people” (Isaiah 57:14).

Have you ever watched a bulldozer dig a path? Flat ground and grassy plains can hide rocks just below the surface. Toe jammers. Ones that you can’t see and may make you stumble.

Life is filled with toe jammers at times.  The path seems smooth, but wait. Ouch. Stubbed it again. Didn’t see that coming. Your eyes were on the horizon, on where you thought you should be headed.

Here is a thought. God put them there. Not to be cruel. Not to laugh as you hop and caress your throbbing big toe. Perhaps the half-hidden obstacles are there due to a natural course of time, just as stones can become eroded and buried in the soil. However, if we acknowledge that God is the Creator and knows where our stumbling stones lie, perhaps it will cause us to turn to Him for guidance more often.

My steps have held to your paths; my feet have not stumbled (Psalm 17:5).

Jesus called Simon Peter, but first He removed a few obstacles. When Peter and his brothers cast their nets and caught the net-full of fish (Luke 5:1-11), Biblical experts say that made them enough money to feed and clothe their families for three years–the amount of time they’d be traveling with Jesus.  One more bump in the road. Peter’s mother in law was ill. Jesus healed her (Luke 4:38-39).

One more stumbling block- Peter’s zeal often made him impulsive. God didn’t instantly change Peter’s personality, good or bad. He let Peter thump his toe a few times. Throughout his time with Jesus, Peter found himself in situations that our Lord used to mold him into eventually becoming the leader God knew he could be. Several times he stumbled, and it hurt. But in the end, God purposed it.

Two lessons from Simon Peter:

Thank Him for the toe jammers. They are there for a purpose.  Just as they were for Peter.

But also know that if bigger obstacles are in the path He has set for you, He will remove them. Just as He did for Peter so he could follow Jesus.

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IMAG0073I munched on my salad for lunch today. Made by a friend who runs a gourmet shop, it was a special treat. Spinach, strawberries, fresh slivers of Parmesan cheese, candied pecans, and poppy seed dressing all blended into something that joyously assaulted my taste buds and made my eyes roll into the back of my head with bliss. She knows what foods enhance each other. She is a Master.

It made me think of what God does with our lives. Totally separate things can combine together in His timing to become delectable in a whole new way. Think of the individuality of each of your friends and how they enrich your life. Think of the experiences you’ve had, good and bad, and how they have shaped you into who you are today. God can use that for good as well.

You see, I am usually not a fan of Parmesan- my nose is very sensitive – but with the nuttiness, sweetness and a touch of tartness in the rest of the salad, it was just right. The same is true with my life. Experiences I thought not so great at the time have blended with others to the glory of God. People who may have not been my favorite when we met have enhanced my path or helped me make the decision to change directions. Sweet moments and biting remarks have combined together to make me look honestly in the mirror.

God said in the Psalms to taste and see that He is good. (34:8) So are all the things that happen to us: the encounters we have and the people we meet. Even if some of them make you scrunch up your nose, be patient. Swallow each down. Let them be blended into your life by the Master…Taste and see what God does with it!

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