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Fifty years later, it still crawls into the back of my emotions and stings me. Memories loom into my brain of being the last person to be picked on the team, or being shunned from the cafeteria table of giggling girls to eat alone. Being the brunt of cruel jokes in  junior high because I was smart, and the subject of gossip in the college dorm because I was a Christian who wouldn’t sleep around or drink. Never fitting in.

I was at a women’s conference manning a table for Women at Risk- the  missionaries for women rescued from human trafficking (see Help a Woman Find God tab). We were in a large meeting hall where rounds tables had been set for lunch. Everyone flowed in form the meeting, chatting and laughing. As I helped a few ladies buy jewelry and handbags made by the rescued women, I saw the tables were filling up. Women came up to them and said, “Come on. I saved you a place.”  They each scurried off giggling, showing their friends what they had purchased.  I was fully prepared to grab a plate and eat behind my booth – alone again.

Then, a  lady I hadn’t seen in a while came up. “We have saved you a place. Won’t you please sit with us?”  Those old feelings dispelled like a popped water balloon. When I got to the table, it was all smiles and “so good to see you”,”glad you joined us” responses.

Jesus told His disciples, and He tells us today, that He is preparing a place for us in Heaven. Each believer who confesses His name is accepted at the table of The Lamb.  One day we will all be allowed to feast on His presence for eternity.

dining togetherAt that meeting, I saw a glimpse of how glorious that will be. As a woman of God, I am accepted by my sisters in Christ. So are you. We are all foreigners in a strange land bound by a love the world cannot understand. There is a place for you right here beside us. Won’t you come join us?

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