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A dear Christian friend and writer, DiAn Gates, wrote this in her blog –

Stuffed in my ears and heaped in stacks around my feet. From hands-free devices to flat screens. TVs. Phones. And books. Zillions of them. A constant barrage of words. All day, every day and into the night, words surround me.
But is anyone listening? Does anyone really hear my words?

                           (check out her blog at  http://dianegates.wordpress.com/)

I often wonder if anyone is reading my words?? Do they hear the witness of my voice calling through the screen of their computer?

SO…. I want to know if you are listening (reading), so I can listen to you through reading your words.  Yes, I really want to know – because what you have to share is very important.

Where have you found God in your life recently?

It is in telling each other that each of us is bolstered with faithful hope. Your example may just be the answer to someone else’s prayer.

Please share your story in the comment section below or email it to me at juliebcosgrove@gmail.com and give me permission to post it next week.

May you feel Him so close to you today that it seems as if His breath is on your cheek as He draws you to Himself.

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